I'm sorry..

about blogging so long ago, i wanted to report earlier but somehow i had no time or i didn't feel like it.

Well, i guess i'll start in chronological order.
The thing that comes first then is my weekend with Mike. ♥
It was really weird to see him here, in Bochum, my city. Him being at the railway station, then in the mcdonalds where i've been a hunderth times and then walking together through Bochum city. Just weird.
But it was so great to see him walking along the platform towards me, i just was happy to see him again.
Then we went to mcdonalds, because he was hungry and after that we went to DM (a chemist's) to buy some hairspray and sunscreen. And because we were in the city anyway at that moment, we also went to saturn (he likes saturn, it's a shop for technology, computers, mobile phones, all that sort of stuff), starbucks and to our famous escalator, where my friends and i used to slid down. Of course i forced him to do this too. xD I guess he liked it :D.
After that we were heading home. It was also weird to see him in the tram were i have been a thousand times.
At home i introduced him to my mother and yeah, we mostly were in my room when we were at home. So on Friday we did nothing special anymore (except .. hrhr xD) and on Saturday we went swimming.
In the swimming bath we didn't see tessa and all the others, BUT we saw my exboyfriend, malte. He was with his new girlfriend there and they like kissed all the time.
To my surprise i TOTALLY didn't care. I guess i really got over him, and all that because of Mike. <3 I just love him and i don't care what my exboyfriends are up to.
So we had a great day in the swimming bath and came home late at night, where we watched three movies together (traumschiff surprise, thirteen and john tucker must die) and had a lot of fun, hrhr.. xD
Unfortunately he had to go on Sunday, though ):..
We didn't do anything special on Sunday, just slept late (because we we're up half the night) and then he had to go soon... i was really sad and i get sad when i write it right now, so i guess i have to change the subject.

I don't know when we are meeting each other again, i pretty much haven't got any money and yeah.. i guess we'll see each other in our summer holidays. He has his like four weeks later than me and i really ask myself what i should do here alone.
But he and i (mostly i..) had a plan. Well, i always have been unhappy with my body, so i guess i will go on a diet (once more) and do some exercise.. It's really a psychic problem for me (i am not fat!), the whole body story and he knows it, so he decided to go on diet with me.. On the one hand it would maybe help me, knowing that i'm not alone.. but on the other hand he has a great body and it's not necessary for him to go on a diet.
Well, we'll see how it works..

Meanwhile i got my marks for my final exams at the secondary school. To my surprise i got in all subjects (maths, english and german) a 1 (A) and so i got top marks. I am really happy about it but somehow i can't say that it is such a huge surprise for me. I'm not bigheaded or something, but that's the way it always was. It's somehow sad that i can't be that happy about such marks, because i know that i haven't learned for them really much, it's not something i achieved with great difficultness.. and also almost nobody shares my happiness because, i guess, they don't think i deserve this, or think it's unfair that i needn't to work for that marks..
So it was half that happy, also because i still have got stress with ket and she still behaves like an idiot, so in the moment i don't want anything to do with her. She can actually fuck herself.

Now to one happy thing.
Today my mum, her boyfriend and i are going to go shopping, to buy me a superb prom dress. Also i get at least one pair new shoes, juwellery and maybe some new clothes. I just hope i get a great dress, which i really like and which looks beautiful on me.
We'll see. ^.^
I report about that later.

So that's all i've got to say in the moment.
Really stressful right now. Still got two tests ahead and have to organize the school project for or prom.
Please someone help me, do the work for me and make that it is vacation tomorrow.

P.S. I'm feeling kind of alone right now.. It's like almost all my friends are disappeared, well, tessa and ket are.. and my boyfriend is 145 km away from me.. of course there still is one friend, thalia, but she hates it when i'm talking about mike (i guess she's jealous.. i'm not freaky saying this, it's just the way it is because she never had a boyfriend and she always hated me talking about mine..) so i haven't really got someone to talk to..
Oh gosh, what have i done? First i was so happy, having Mike and good friends.. now i'm just feeling alone to not have Mike right here by my side, and not have any good friends anymore.. What happened?..
31.5.08 12:30

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