Back again!

Hey guys, well i'm writing again!
I thought its best to write more than less, because my last blogs were like just dreaming through the days and i forgot them quite soon.

Today i went to my new school after school, where i will make my 'Abitur' (high school diploma). There was a guy who told us all about choosing subjects for our 11th school year and he also handed out sheets where we must fill in our wishes as subjects.
I'm really excited to limit (almost all) my subjects into those which i like. Though i have to go on with PE, Biology and Maths, i'm really delighted to have english, french, spanish, history and education science (really excited to see how ES is!!). German and religion is okay, i guess. Also i must pick social science for at least a year but i guess i will manage it to have that in my 13th year.
To my very luck there are actually about five other kids which are coming from my school to the new school, too, i just hope i get in the same courses with them! I would have died, if i'd to go there on my own.

So that's basically all the new stuff.
My boyfriend still wants to come this weekend, and i'm really looking forward to it! I just hope it turns out good because there's still a bit of a big chance that he isn't going to come..

Wish me the best!
Yours, Chrissy.
20.5.08 17:00

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