My friends are so annoying..

Whoar. My friends are annoying me.. i'm so angry right now..

The first one is my 'friend' ket.
Sometimes i really hate her.. She thinks she's perfect but she's the last person who is. She's getting upset about every little thing (i know i'm also upset right now, but i'm not a person who is very much upset.) , like for example when someone's taking a book from her and she looses her page.. Because of that she really got upset in school and all we're looking at her like she was a kind of maniac because she screamed and poor natalja, who was the victim was really shocked. And also she is just unreliable. When she applied at a new school for art, she had to take MY pictures, which i drew, because she was too lazy to do something in her holidays. -.-
And she misses so often school because she oversleeps or just has a headache and thinks 'oh yeah, i have a headache, i must stay @home'.. its just irresponsible.
How does she think she's going to live life? Its tough and she has to learn doing things alone or stand up for her mistakes.

My second friend, tessa, well.. she's a history for herself.
First there is of course the story with Anna and how she let Ket and me down for her, but thats a long story and i don't wanna tell it again and again.
Now its about the weekend. As you know Mike wants to come. <3 And we had the plan that we we're going to swim in the 'Lago'. Well, tessa and some of my friends had the plan to go swimming in 'Heveney'. She invited me and Mike, too, but i said 'I don't think we will come, but we decide friday evening'.
And now tessa decided to go swimming in the 'Lago' and i don't fancy going swimming with Mike with the others.
I don't think that mike would feel comfortable going swimming with 6 other people who he does not know. And also i don't think i would feel comfortable because tessa for example has a great figure and one of my exboyfriends fancied her while we were together, so i really don't like it to happen again.
I don't believe that mike would fancy her, because she's not his type, but i don't want to risk them just having the chance of getting close or meet each other because it just hurts when your boyfriend thinks your best friend is happier than you.
Also he payed 40€ to see ME and to spend time with ME alone, and of course i want to spend time with him alone, too, so i just wanted to go swimming with him alone, just us two..
I don't think its fair that tessa changed her mind about where they're going to go swimming. She knew that mike and i wanted to swim there.. its just unfair.
Well.. i don't want to talk about this anymore because i'm getting really angry..

So i talk about mike, coming tomorrow. <3
I'm so happy about it.. i will love to show him bochum, because bochum is a very cool city. It's big and modern and so on. I'm really excited of what he's gonna say. Tomorrow at 17pm he will be at our train station and aawrr. *.*
I'm just so happy.
It's so hard to get a possibility to see each other.. It would be so cool living together, but its just not possible, he's 17 and i'm 16. I want to do my high school diploma in bochum. So i have to stay another three years. He wants to do his apprenticeship, also three years. And maybe he'll work in this company later, so he will stay where he lives.. but where he lives i have no possibility of studying or learning the job i want to do (european secretary).. Its just frustrating. The only possibility is that after three years, he moves with me to a big city where we will all have the possibility of having good jobs or to study. But will he?
But that's still a time away.. And i don't know if we will still be together till then, we're just 16 & 17.. but i hope so, because he is really wonderful and i can be sure that he's a great guy, not someone who's just playing with girls.

And tomorrow he will be here, in MY city. ♥
22.5.08 22:30

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